I'm Dylan Rotich, a Bay Area Native.

For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed building things whether it be legos, playing minecraft, or writing songs and beats. I grew up playing multiple instruments including piano, trumpet, and the drums.

In 2017 I was admitted to the University of California Santa Cruz as a proposed Computer Science Major. I soon learned that not everything in life always goes as planned and I ended up graduating with a Major in History.

I love history but I always felt a strong connection and fascination with technology and I knew something was missing. In 2021 I enrolled in the University of California Berkeley Extension Coding Bootcamp.

After successfully completing the UCB Coding Bootcamp I am now known as a creative problem solver and supporting team member. I eagerly approach each project with a focus on mobile first design and brand image.

The thing I love most about being a web developer is the commitment to life long learning. There will always be new problems to solve and new technology to learn and create.