As a Developer I have an assortment of tools and skills

As a certified Full Stack Developer I was trained to use the MERN Stack. Since then I've added several technologies under my belt.


  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript

    My introduction to web development and the three main languages of web development.

  • TypeScript

    A superset of JavaScript. I learned TypeScript at my first internship and have been using it ever since. Using a typed language really makes everything intentional and saves you from a lot of errors.

  • Python

    New to myself, I'm learning through Codecademy's Comptuer Science Path. I find learning a language with a different syntax challenging but rewarding as it helps to cement coding concepts.


  • React

    An essential part of the MERN stack. I use React to create elegant and reusable components as well as hooks for dynamic interactions.

  • NextJs

    My favorite React Framework. I use NextJs for server-side rendering, page routing, and API routes.

  • TailwindCSS

    My absolute favorite piece of tech. Tailwind allows me to quickly style pixel perfect components in a way that is readable and intuitive.


  • MongoDB

    NoSQL document based database.

  • ExpressJs

    Routing, Middleware, and HTTP Requests

  • MySQL | PostgreSQL

    Relational Databases using SQL

  • Prisma

    An ORM that I've recently tried out and enjoyed. Prisma greatly helped me to understand modeling relationships within a DB.

Development Tools

  • NodeJs

    JavaScript runtime environment

  • GitHub | Git CLI

    Checkout some of my repositories.

  • Visual Studio Code

    My IDE of choice.

  • Chrome Dev Tools | React Dev Tools

    A couple of debugging staples.